Trust Lawyer ABC – We Know the Requirements of the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia!

Use your time usefully Regardless of your business or organization’s core business, you will definitely agree that there are enough more important things to worry about and deal with in your day-to-day work than filling up a stack of paper or “hacking” on the Internet in the search for many rules to take any action […]

Lawyer ABC will show you the best paths in the labyrinths

Everyone in life has been confronted with disagreements and disputes, even among the closest people, and sometimes the disagreements are so great that there is no other way than just solving them in court. In such cases, when confused and aggravated by emotions, you should definitely turn to professional lawyers who will be able to […]

What should I know about the insolvency proceedings?

What is an insolvency process? An insolvency process is a set of legal measures to: Restore the solvency of the insolvency entity and protect the interests of the creditor pool through reconciliation or reorganization; Protect the interests of the creditors by applying bankruptcy proceedings. What are the Signs of Insolvency? By enforcing enforcement measures, it […]

Looking for a new colleague

Requirements and offer We invite you to join our team of salespeople! The new colleague’s job will be to work with existing customers and attract new customers! Requirements for Applicants: • Active, hard-working, positive and inquisitive person who is selling blood • Stress persistence, persistence, insistence • Excellent knowledge of Latvian (foreign language will be […]

Information about changes to the Company Register!

Until 1.03.2018 all legal entities registered in the registers kept by the Register of Enterprises or for which registration will be filed by 1 December 2017 shall be obliged to submit an application for their beneficial owners, indicating the information on the beneficial owners specified in the Amendments. At the same time, we would like […]

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