Jurists ABC is a stable and experienced company that provides consultation on legal issues, develops and implements projects for the upgrading of customer business activities, as well as performs the management of litigation procedures and representation of companies. Every lawyer is an expert in their area, who has accumulated experience over years and developed an efficient system of work.

We work for our clients. We do not rely on ready systems, we seek appropriate solutions that suit each problem and each client individually. We work to enable everyone, who visits us, to lead their lives or manage their business in much better conditions than before. Our mission is your welfare, which is achieved by means of our professional and thorough work. We consider recommendations of our customers given to their friends and acquaintances to be the best advertising and, therefore, we are happy that our services are selected by customers in several generations.

We consider that our ability to work comprehensively with the customer, by finding the most appropriate solution for each situation, is our greatest advantage. The employees of Jurists ABC, by working as intermediaries, find the most suitable solution for each debtor of the customer in order to recover the debt quickly and efficiently and, while representing the interests of the customer, to preserve good relations between the customer and the debtor. The data system of Jurists ABC contains approximately 23,000 cases, therefore, your problem, irrespective of the degree of its difficulty, will be resolved as quickly as permitted by the legal system.

We follow all amendments to the laws, we are always informed and are competent in the most recent developments of the sector. We continue educating and developing ourselves on a daily basis to ensure that we only provide the best services to each customer. We are proud that our team is not standing still; we continue developing ourselves both individually and as a team.




Experienced lawyers!​

Specialists in the area of law, who have developed an efficient and result-orientated system of their work.

Company force​

The welfare of our customers is in first place. We work to make your life better.

Personalised service​

We develop an individual work plan for each customer and pay a lot of attention to the specific nature of each case.

Always in development​

We continue growing and developing with each new customer and every completed job. We are aware of the most recent developments in the sector.


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