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Everyone in life has been confronted with disagreements and disputes, even among the closest people, and sometimes the disagreements are so great that there is no other way than just solving them in court. In such cases, when confused and aggravated by emotions, you should definitely turn to professional lawyers who will be able to find the most appropriate, beneficial and fair way for you; it is possible that the dispute can be resolved through mediation and should not go to court. In any case, patience must be armed and the process may require a lot of emotionally and financially from you. The situations and sectors in which litigation is needed can be many and varied. Next on a few more broadly.

Debt collection

Debt collection is called a process where the debtor is called to settle his credit obligations. Debt collection is a time when a debtor, who can be both a legal and a natural person, contacts the debtor, informing him of the debt and recovery costs. Often, debt recovery occurs in court, where our team has a very large and successful experience. Lawyer ABC professional and knowledgeable debt collection specialists provide high-quality and fast debt recovery, while focusing on maintaining a credible relationship between the creditor and the debtor, if necessary. We will take care of everything from the beginning to the successful conclusion – from the collection of pre-trial debt to the most appropriate trial and transfer of court decision to bailiffs – so that the debtor’s assets and bank accounts are seized if necessary. Often things are left behind after the first month, but not under the direction of Lawyer ABC – we will follow the course of the case, regularly request reports and ensure the diligent work of all involved.


In accordance with Section 72 of the Civil Law, marriage is deemed to be divorced if the spouses have been separated for at least three years. If the spouses are separated for less than three years, the court can divorce the marriage only in the following cases: The reason for the divorce is the physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence of the spouse against the spouse who requests the divorce or against his or her child or the spouse of the spouse; One spouse agrees with the spouse’s request to divorce; One of the spouses has started to live together with another person, and in this cohabitation a child is born or a baby is expected to be born. An application for divorce must be made in accordance with sections 128 and 235.1 of the Civil Procedure Law. Article. The claimant must prepare the application in free form, no special form exists. Applications can be made in several ways – personally, by post or electronically. However, each divorce is individual, so the documents to be added will also differ, so it is very useful to turn to a lawyer.

Labor disputes

A labor dispute is any disagreement between employees and employers arising from employment relationships or employment relationships. Such disputes within a company can be resolved as far as possible between the employee and the employer, but if it fails, the employee can act – go to the State Labor Inspectorate (SLI), trade union or court. Article 1 of the Civil Law contains a number of basic conditions, one of which must exist for a person to go to court:

  • Civil rights of the person have been violated;
  • The civil rights of the person are contested;
  • A person must prevent violation of his or her law-protected civil rights.

The main problems with the handling of labor disputes by the courts are the applicant’s inability to formulate the plea and provide the necessary evidence in a timely manner. Problems arise in court proceedings where an employee wants to receive an unpaid salary but has received an “envelope” wage before. Such courts almost always end up being bad for the employee because of lack of evidence. There are also problems with the occupation of representatives in other processes, uncertainty about the amounts to be recovered for withholding. The process can be complicated and lengthy, so the lawyer will definitely come in handy and will be able to keep track of all the processes and complete the case.

Inheritance matters

The most important things to consider and the most common mistakes are listed below.

  • Inheritance matters go to court at a time when heirs are unable to agree between themselves and avoid any inheritance disputes. One of the most common cases is suspicion of a fake will.
  • Private wills usually contain errors, omissions, and breakdowns of property left unrealized. This is also often the reason for court proceedings for the distribution of inheritance.
  • An incorrectly prepared application to the court of first instance is left without progress. If there is any doubt about the composition and mass of the inheritance (potential debts), you have the right to inherit the inventory rights, thus protecting yourself from the debts left behind.
  • The juvenile must not accept the inheritance itself, it must be done by a representative through the Orphan’s court.
  • In the absence of succession documents, the heir may lose the inherited property.

Why will Lawyer ABC be the best advisor?

Lawyer ABC has extensive experience in representing its clients in civil, criminal and administrative cases in all Latvian judicial institutions and levels, as well as in several Latvian arbitration courts. We are able to:

  • Conduct 500 litigation simultaneously; to prepare documents, to represent in court hearings and to pass court judgments for execution;
  • Successfully cooperate with sworn bailiffs in all judicial areas;
  • Encourage arbitration – 99% of the cases are enforced.

Lawyer ABC lawyers are knowledgeable in a wide variety of industries. We can help in debt recovery and damages cases, in matters of inheritance, in family disputes – divorce, maintenance, sharing of property – in labor disputes, as well as in various business areas. We always encourage you to use all other ways of resolving the dispute and to go to court only in case of insolvency.

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