Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

In order to ensure legal, bona fide and transparent processing personal data, the following information shall be provided, related to the processing personal data by Jurists ABC. Please note that this information shall not be exhaustive and may be adjusted, updated and supplemented.

1. Operator:

SIA “Juristu grupa”
REĢ. Nr. 40103927389
Adrese: Mūkusalas iela 29, Rīga, LV-1004

Phone: 27279999


2. Interaction on Problems of Personal Data Protection

If You have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the processing Your personal data, You may contact us:
using the contact information specified in the 1st Clause.

3. General Description of Processing Personal Data

The data shall be processed in compliance with the requirements of confidentiality and with ensuring security of the personal data available to Jurists ABC. Jurists ABC shall take various security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the data, disclosure of the data or another inappropriate use of the personal data. Jurists ABC shall ensure proper processing, storage of this information, the data integrity, with an appropriate level of the security. For the protection and processing the personal data available to the company, there shall be used proportionate and appropriate technical and administrative procedures and means. Taken security measures shall be constantly improved in accordance with the safety requirements.

At Jurists ABC company, the personal data shall be processed by employees or persons directly authorized to do so, for whom the data processing is necessary as part of their work responsibilities.

The following data shall be subject to the processing: name, surname, personal identification number, place of residence, contact information, age, gender and other personal identification data necessary to achieve the corresponding goal of the data processing. Jurists ABC shall not request or collect such information about a person which shall not be necessary to achieve a specific goal.

4. Goal and Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data

Jurists ABC shall process the personal data in order to fulfill duties stipulated by the regulatory acts, obligations stipulated by contracts, to realise legal interests, as well as for the other abovementioned goals, including if:

  • the data subject has given its consent to the processing its personal data, for one or several specific goals;
  • the processing shall be necessary for execution of a contract, the party to which is the data subject, or for carrying out activities requested by the data subject before conclusion of the contract;
  • the processing shall be necessary for carrying out legal duties which shall spread on an operator;
  • the processing shall be necessary to protect vital interests of the data subject or another individual;
  • the processing shall be necessary to perform a task carried out in the public interests, or in exercise of official powers legally granted to the operator;
  • the processing shall be necessary for observation of legitimate interests of the operator or the third party, except in cases where interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, for which the personal data protection shall be necessary, are more important than such interests.

When submitting a claim in court, to defend in court the affected or disputed civil rights of the data subject and / or another person, or their interests protected by law (the 1st part of the 1st Article of the Civil Procedure Law), the grounds for the processing, in each case, shall be any of the Clauses of the 6th Article of the Reglament of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (EU) 2016/679, dated 27 April 2016, On Protection of Individuals when Processing Personal Data and on Free Circulation of Such Data, as well as on Cancellation of Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as – General Reglament on Protection).

5. Categories of Recipients of Personal Data

Jurists ABC shall not process the personal data revealing race or ethnical belonging, political views, religious or philosophical convictions, or membership in trade unions, as well as genetic, biometric data which allow for the unique identification of an individual, data on health condition or sexual life of an individual, or on its sexual orientation.

Jurists ABC shall be authorized to transfer the personal data to another persons for purpose of the processing, in the manner prescribed by the regulatory acts, for example – to the third parties which are business partners, to persons authorized in accordance with the regulatory acts, concluded contracts, as well as – to controlling, law enforcement. Before transferring the data to the third parties, Jurists ABC shall carefully evaluate if such data transfer has corresponding legal basis.

6. Transfer of Personal Data Outside the European Union or European Economic Area

Jurists ABC shall not transfer the personal data to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

7. Period of Storage of Personal Data

Personal data shall be stored for such a period of time during which it shall be necessary to store it, in order to process the personal data, as well as in accordance with requirements of the applicable regulatory acts. Storage goals may be changed. For example, the initial data processing shall occur to essentially consider your application. When the decision has been made, the data shall be stored – in accordance with the acting regulatory acts on the need of storage of the relevant documents, as well as to ensure legitimate interests of company Jurists ABC, in case of possible disagreements in future.

Period of the storage of the personal data shall be as follows:

  • for supporting documents regarding monthly salary (wages) accrued to employees, broken down by years and months (current accounts of employees or payrolls, etc.), if the document is dated earlier than the 1st January 1999 – 75 years, and for the documents dated by the 1st January 1999 or later – 10 years, according to the 10th Article of Law on Accounting;
  • for the supporting documents shall be stored (according to the Law on Accounting, the supporting document shall be a document which confirms an economic transaction of an enterprise. It shall be a very large group of documents – documents on material value, purchase of inventory, write-off, invoices on internal movings of stocks, acts of write-off and other documents of accounting, according to which accounting records shall be compiled.)) until they are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the 2d Article of the Law on Accounting, on reflecting the progress of the economic transaction, but not less than 5 years, according to the10th Article of the Law on Accounting;
  • for documents on supply of goods – at least 5 years, according to the 10th Article of the Law on Accounting;
  • for documents on transportation of goods – at least 5 years, according to the 10th Article of the Law on Accounting;
  • for Register of Issued or Received Documents on the Supply and Transportation of Goods – at least 5 years, according to the 10th Article of the Law on Accounting;
  • for advance invoices – at least 5 years, according to the 10th Article of the Law on Accounting;
  • for cashier’s checks – at least 5 years, according to the 10th Article of the Law on Accounting;
  • for cash receipt orders – at least 5 years, according to the10th Article of the Law on Accounting;
  • for lists of expenses – at least 5 years, according to the10th Article of the Law on Accounting.

8. Rights of Data Subject in Process of Personal Data Processing

You shall be authorized to access and control Your personal data, to adjust, delete, restrict the data processing, to express objections to the data processing, therefore, upon receiving your request, Jurists ABC shall provide an answer to it within the deadline established by the regulatory acts, and, if possible, shall accordingly adjust or delete Your personal data.
If the data is processed on the basis of consent provided by the data subject, the data subject shall be entitled, at any time, to withdraw the consent to the processing his personal data, which does not affect the data processing which occurred before the withdrawal of the consent. Jurists ABC shall evaluate your requirements for compliance with its legitimate interests. If personal data are no longer necessary for the abovementioned processing purposes, they shall be deleted.
You shall be entitled to receive information about Your personal data in our possession, or to exercise Your other rights as the data subject, in the following way:
by submitting an electronic application, sending it to the email address: The application shall be signed with a secure electronic signature.
Having received Your application, Jurists ABC shall evaluate its content and possibilities of Your identification and, if necessary, shall ask You to provide additional information to ensure that data will be sent to the appropriate data subject and to reduce risk of malicious use of Your data.

9. Right for Complaint Submission

If You have any questions or objections in connection with the processing Your personal data by Jurists ABC, we invite you to contact Jurists ABC in the manner specified in the 2nd Clause of this Privacy Policy.

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