A process whereby a debtor is invited to settle their credit liabilities is called debt recovery. Debt recovery is when the debt collector contacts the debtor by informing them of the debt and debt recovery costs. Debt recovery can be conducted out-of-court (pre-trial), as well as by court proceedings. 


How does the process occur?

  • An individual plan of action is applied for each customer based on the system verified over ten years of experience.
  • Our lawyers share valuable advice on how to act in the event of disagreements and how to stand firm. At the same time, we also recommend avoiding a similar case in the future.
  • We take active steps to make the debtor aware of the urgency and seriousness of debt repayment. We are persistent and strict, which, according to our experience, has proven to be a very efficient method.
  • The development of the debt recovery process is closely monitored to ensure that it successfully ends in the desired result. 


What has to be considered?

Use the help of Jurists ABC lawyers to assess which model of co-operation suits you best:

  • Debt recovery or Debt purchase or cession.
  • Our experienced customer managers shall give advice on whether the debts could be best recovered in pre-trial or out-of-court proceedings or if the case needs to be filed in court and an insolvency procedure must be initiated.  


How much does it cost?

  • The costs of the work shall only be determined after reviewing the particular case and case documents.
  • Prior to the commencement of the work, we provide information on all potential costs.
  • On out-of-court debt recovery cases, we issue an invoice for the result only.

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