Experience shows that only 5 in 100 contracts can protect the rights and interests of the client, therefore Jurists ABC offers the following legal services in the area of contract drafting to company customers:

  • Development or correction of all types of contracts and annexes to contracts (development of purchase, lease, rental, gift, lending, deposit, loan, guarantee contract, contract for work performance, labour contract, annexes, transfer-acceptance deeds, agreements and other legal documents)
  • Consultations on amending, termination, expiry, or the interpretation of legal documents
  • Representation of the customer’s interests in the event of the conclusion or termination of a contract
  • Registration of a contract with the institutions of the Republic of Latvia
  • Legal assistance in the resolution of legal disputes, court and out-of-court resolution.


How does the process occur?

  • We learn about the needs of the customer
  • We determine work tasks
  • We prepare all required documents
  • We attract partners if the translation of the contract into different languages is required.


What has to be considered?

The conclusion of a contract without the assistance of a lawyer can be a very complicated process and it is easy to overlook an important factor or to be fooled. Therefore we always recommend addressing professionals in order to avoid situations, where a concluded contract leaves an irreversible negative effect on your life because the law provides: “A contract legally entered into shall impose a duty on a contracting party, to perform that which was promised, and neither the exceptional difficulty of the transaction nor difficulties in performance arising later, shall give the right to one party to withdraw from the contract, even if the other party is compensated for losses.” 


How much does it cost?​

Precise costs of the work are only determined after reviewing the documents and we inform you of all potential costs before we start work on the case.

  • Development of a contract – starting from EUR 200.
  • Correction of a contract – starting from EUR 50.

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