We provide all required assistance to successfully receive the left inheritance or resolve disputes between the relatives that have arisen due to the left property. The succession shall be opened as of the death of the estate-leaver or as of when they are declared deceased by a court decree. The transfer of inheritance shall occur either by taking the inheritance into possession or by the submission of the request to the court to confirm the heirs, respectively – to admit that the order of the last will (the will) has come into force.


How does the process occur?

  • We learn about the situation of the customer.
  • We determine work tasks.
  • We prepare all required documents.


What has to be considered?

  • In Latvia notaries public do not search for the potential heirs of a deceased – the heirs must express their wish to receive the inheritance in writing at a notary public.
  • It is recommended to submit the application for inheritance no later than two months after the death of the relative.
  • Only after the receipt of a written application of an heir, which has been approved in accordance with the particular procedure, is a notary public entitled to initiate an inheritance case.
  • Th application for inheritance must be submitted to a notary public practising in the territory of the regional court, where the estate-leaver had their last declared place of residence.


How much does it cost?

  • We determine the costs after reviewing the amount of work to be performed.

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