Irrespective of all effort, different conflicts and disputes cannot always be resolved by mutual agreement of the parties, therefore Jurists ABC is ready to provide high-quality and prompt legal assistance even in the event of the most complicated litigation procedures and to efficiently represent the interests of the customer in Latvian courts as well as international arbitration courts and the European Court of Justice.

Litigation is usually a lasting and exhausting process and the successful outcome of this process is determined by the initial selection of correct tactics, therefore we offer an individual approach for

each customer to ensure thorough, professional and efficient protection in accordance with the interests of the particular person.

We operate in the widest variety of sectors, starting from the cases of debt recovery and remuneration of losses, inheritance cases, family disputes – divorce, means of support, division of joint property – to labour disputes and property rights issues, as well as many others.


How does the process occur?

  • Upon reviewing the case materials, we provide our vision on the procedures of the case.
  • We draw up the required documents and submit the statement of claim to the court.
  • The date of the court session is determined and the time for the provision of explanations shall be provided for the defendant.
  • The lawyer shall attend the court session.
  • The court decree is received and the further procedure of the case shall be coordinated.


What has to be considered?

  • Prompt submission of the evidence and a correctly formulated claim may decide the outcome of the court session.
  • The court proceedings may be long and complicated – several court sessions might be required.
  • We draw up invoices based on actual work only.
  • You do not have to attend the court session yourself.


How much does it cost?

  • The costs of the work shall only be determined after the review of case documents.
  • Prior to the commencement of the work, we provide information on all potential costs.

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