Trust Lawyer ABC – We Know the Requirements of the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia!

Use your time usefully

Regardless of your business or organization’s core business, you will definitely agree that there are enough more important things to worry about and deal with in your day-to-day work than filling up a stack of paper or “hacking” on the Internet in the search for many rules to take any action you need in the Enterprise Register. Choosing to entrust this task to Lawyer ABC will save you valuable time and resources. It is important to be aware of each and every one of your competencies and to understand that the law firm’s specialists will be able to perform everything you need in accordance with the requirements of the laws or regulations.

Legal services offered by ABC in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia

Any minor change in the company you represent must be accurately listed in the Enterprise Register, each event has its own form, specifics and sequence of actions to be performed. We offer to take care of it all, you will only have to visit the office once for a notary to approve the signatures, and you will not be able to leave it behind.

Establishing a company

When you start your business, you just have to complete a myriad of formalities – the application form, the statutes, the register of participants, the receipt for the state fee and many others. The documents that have to be submitted to each company, merchant or organization may vary, which is why it is convenient to entrust it to all professionals.

Changes to an existing company

Many and varied circumstances may arise during the course of business, which would require a visit to the Register of Enterprises.

We will take care of:

  • Change of address, name, activity, owners;
  • Indication of the beneficial owner;
  • Any other actions as needed.

Liquidation of the company

To end any action, you have to complete certain formalities, and at this stage several steps have to be taken to make the process successful and our law firm can do a great deal. For more detailed information on how to perform the required procedures, please provide your contact information and formulate your needs as precisely as possible in the notes. We will contact you soon to provide you with more detailed information on the most appropriate solution.

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